Condo Inspections

What is a Condo Inspection?

Our condo inspections are very much like our home inspections but there are a few differences.  The primary purpose of a condo inspection is to give you the best information of anything in your home that you’ll be responsible for paying for once you are the homeowner.

In a condo inspection, your inspector will focus on the interior of your unit. They will check your floors, ceilings, windows and walls.  They will check the unit’s interior plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.  Structural components, like foundation, roof, and building exterior are considered common elements and are typically not your responsibility to maintain or repair as an individual homeowner (always verify what is your responsibility with the condo or homeowners’ association).   The same usually applies to common areas, such as grounds, sidewalks and walkways, parking lots, etc.  The closer your condo is to a single-family home, the closer our inspection will be to our standard home inspection.  With condo units that are apartment style, these inspections will be limited to the interior of your unit and the items listed above. 

Rest assured, whether it’s a condo, townhouse or apartment, we can help. Click the link below to schedule your condo inspection today!

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Free with Every Condo Inspection

Free Thermal Scan

Free Thermal Scan

We scan every home with our thermal camera, free of charge. A thermal camera can help find leaks in the home, issues with the heating system or areas with missing insulation.

Free 30 Day Warranty

Our company has negotiated a free 30-day home warranty for you which can help if something breaks after the inspection. Unlike other programs there are NO AGE RESTRICTIONS on your systems or appliances.

Free Home Maintenance Book

You will get a free copy our home maintenance book. This book will guide you through the systems of a typical house, how they work, and how to maintain them.

We'll Buy Your Home Guarantee

Home buyers can buy a home worry-free when they have it inspected by Sandusky Bay Inspections LLC. If they’re not happy within the first 90 days after buying it, InterNACHI will buy back the home at full price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Condo Inspections

Most of our condo inspections take about 2 hours to complete on-site.
For your convenience our condo reports are delivered the same day, often just a few hours after the on-site inspection.
We encourage our clients to attend their condo inspection. Seeing the home in person will give you a better perspective than reading a report, and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions in the moment.