Water Quality Testing

Whether you need water quality testing for the mortgage requirements of your loan or if you’re worried about what is in your water, we can help. Different lenders have different criteria for well water testing so always consult with your lender first.  Both city water and well water should be tested. Also knowing your own community or home’s situation and level of risk is key. For example, wells can contain bacteria and pesticides and they can be a host for other contaminants.

All of our water tests are performed in a state accredited laboratory.  Here are some of the things we test for in your water supply:

  • Coliform bacteria
  • Nitrates
  • Sand, turbidity
  • Nitrites
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Fluoride
  • And more

We offer several testing options based on your needs.  Some tests take more time in the lab than others so you’ll want to have this done with your home inspection to get the results back in a timely way. We can offer expedited testing but it will increase the cost.